Book Review: The Undertaker’s Daughter – Debra Webb šŸ”ŖšŸ”ŖšŸ”Ŗ

I’ve done my usual trick with this series. I was sent The Lies We Tell to review and realised that it was the second full book in the series. Enjoying the premise of the book that I’d picked up I decided to go back to the very beginning. The Undertakers’ Daughter is classed as book 0.5 in the series as it is a prequel novella that fleshes out a bit more of the backstory that you learn in The Secrets We Bury.

In some ways it is quite unsatisfying – particularly if you have already read any of the main two books in this series. By its very nature the novella doesn’t give Webb enough space to fully flesh out the characters or the story.

Dr Rowan Dupont is a psychiatrist working with the Special Crimes Unit in Nashville. They are working on a particularly nasty case where a serial killer is targeting blonde career women around Nashville. All of the victims could pass as Rowan’s twin sister but she is already dead.

Rowan has grown up around death having lost her sister and her mother at a very young age and living in the house where her father worked as the town’s undertaker. This has sharpened her instincts and leads her to question things that many other people take for granted. However one mistake could be her last as death once more comes knocking on her door.

Published by Pink House Press. UK publication date Dec 27 2018. 115 pages.


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