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Book Review: Those People – Louise Candlish ๐Ÿ”ง๐Ÿ”ง๐Ÿ”ง๐Ÿ”ง

If you’ve ever had nightmare neighbours you can sympathise with the residents of Lowland Way. It’s a pretty well to do street in an area of South London that has become gentrified. Waitrose shoppers aspiring to send their well heeled offspring to good schools and to have the best start in life.

When Darren Booth inherits 1 Lowland Way life in the quiet street is suddenly unrecognisable. A heavy metal soundtrack punctuates the early hours of the morning fighting for prominance against the power tools and general noise and disruption associated with DIY. Distressed neighbours are unable to sleep and driven mad by an ever increasing collection of dodgy used cars that Darren seems to be selling from his new home.

When the peace of a Saturday morning is shattered by a sudden death all of the neighbours find themselves being suspected and questioned. The idyllic location of Lowland Way is suddenly a crime scene.

Candlish alternates the chapters between all of the neighbours. You get to know each of them in turn and these are interspersed with the police notes on each interview after the event. They arenโ€™t always the nicest people and there are tensions between some of the households even before Darren arrived on the scene. Itโ€™s an interesting look at the way different types of relationships respond to stress and turmoil. Not always in a positive or acceptable way.

Over the last year I’ve got quite into my audiobooks. Spending more time in the car they are the perfect antidote to stressful traffic jams. Those People is beautifully narrated by Tuppence Middleton so you get an interesting story that is delivered in a very easy to follow way. Voiced in such a way that it is easy to distinguish who is โ€œtalkingโ€ in each chapter.

UK publication date: 27 Jun 2019

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I love sharing my favourite books with friends - nearly always spoiler-free as I hate reading a synopsis of the whole book in other reviews.


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