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Book Review: Imperfect Love by Isabella White ***

UK Publishing Date: 13 August 2015. 425 Pages

I thought that I was going to like this book when the opening quote was from Wuthering Heights. “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”. It was a very promising start.

Imperfect Love is a book of two halves and one that I very nearly didn’t persevere with. Holly is a week away from her wedding with Brandon when she receives a 24 page email with evidence of Brandon’s infidelity. Brandon clearly is a bit of an arse but Holly was a real pain in the neck. During her grieving angry phase I felt like throwing the towel in myself.

There were a lot of things that bugged me. She is religious. Almost painfully so, when it suits her. In times of crisis, pray. Odd things irritated me. The 24 page email followed by the 24 missed calls from Brandon. Significant? No, just sloppy. Much like some of the dialogue:
“In the interim, Amelia had taken a call: it had been Robin, who’d be joining them on their shopping spree. Shortly thereafter, Robin joined them”. Really!

Once Holly meets Jake the story picks up a bit but there is too much time spent on fripperies and stuff that doesn’t matter. I found the characters improved and were mostly likeable. I even got quite fond of the Bee Puke term of endearment. The basic story wasn’t a bad one and its a pretty beefy book at 425 pages. Billed as Romantic Erotica it felt a bit more Mills and Boon than most and the so called “attraction” between Holly and Jake seemed to fizzle out rather than sizzle.

For me the writing gets two stars and the story a fairly solid four stars so I’m going to go with a three star total. The story does have a form of resolution but there is clearly more to come and the story continues in Book Two.

Supplied by Net Galley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

You can get the book here: Imperfect Love (The 4ever Series Book 1)

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