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Book Review: For the Record by Charlotte Huang ***

UK Publishing Date: 10 Nov 2015. 322 pages.

For the Record is the debut book by author Charlotte Huang and should not be confused with the adult title of the same name by K A Linde. Aimed at a younger YA audience this is the story of Chelsea and her search for fame and fortune. As a competitor on a national talent show Chelsea had a taste of life as a music star. When she was voted off the show it was back to real life – and high school – with a bump.
The record company behind the talent show decide that Chelsea is the perfect replacement for singer Hollis when their big band Melbourne starts to split. Going on tour with the band is the first real taste of a professional career for Chelsea and its not without its pitfalls. Her reality TV history leaves her fellow band members cold and the fans all need to be won over.

I’m clearly not the target audience for this book and it feels like it is aimed at a younger teen audience. While there are references to drugs, drink and occasionally sex (this is a rock band!) there is nothing explicit that would cause any concern to parents etc.

Chelsea isn’t the easiest of characters to like at the start of the book and her liaison with famous actor Lucas isn’t always the best choice for her to make but she becomes aware of her choices and how they affect her relationship with best friend – and now “merch” seller – Mandy and the rest of the band.

For the Record is an easy read with a fun look at what its really like to be a pop star on the road. I’ve actually given this three and a half stars as it is an entertaining read it just takes a bit of perseverance at the beginning to get to grips with Chelsea.

Supplied by Net Galley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

You can find the book here: For the Record

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