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Book Review: Naked – Gina Gordon ****

“Naked” is an interesting read because it’s not just a straightforward romance. It tries to tackle the very complex issues of body image and the effect that they can have on someone’s life and wellbeing. Violet Walker is in hiding from life in general. She’s currently content to live in a small suburban area far from her glamorous condo and her well-heeled life.

From her window she watches the world go by and more recently she’s been studying the guy next door as he renovates his house. Violet is recovering from a serious car accident. So serious that her fiancé died and she has been left with serious scarring to her neck and torso. She now has about a month before she has to go back to her “real” life and take over from her father as CEO of Walker Construction.

Noah has realised that she has been watching him and engineers a way to get to meet his beautiful neighbour. The chemistry between them is evident and both agree to a fling with no baggage and only knowing each other’s first names.

Naked is Violet’s struggle to not expose what she sees as her deformity and to keep those around her from pitying her or seeing her as less than beautiful. In some respects she can be quite a difficult heroine to like as she clearly has resisted any attempts at counselling and has even kept the full extent of her injuries a secret from her family and her best friend.

The strength of this story is the characters themselves. Noah is understanding and generous, a family man with a heart of gold and magic hands. His family and friends are what helps to pull Violet out of her funk and regain a little self-esteem and confidence. As this is the first of a new series it would be great to see the fascinating Harper as the star of the next book.

Supplied by Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

You can get the book here:
Naked: A Body & Soul Novel

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