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Book Review: For 100 Days – Lara Adrian ***

UK Publication Date: 24 May 2016. 274 pages.

Up till this point my only experience of Lara Adrian has been through her Midnight Breed series of paranormal romances. “For 100 Days” is a bit of a departure from the world of vampire warriors and we are transported to modern day New York City.

Avery Ross is a struggling artist by day and a bar tending waitress by night. Life has always been a challenge but now that she has just days to find somewhere else to live, it has suddenly reached new stress levels. When one of the patrons of the bar is let down by her friend, Avery finds herself agreeing to house-sit while Claire is working in Japan. Suddenly there is light at the end of the tunnel and her home for the next one hundred days is a very nice Park Avenue apartment in a very expensive building.

When she bumps into Nick Baine while she is waiting for the elevator she doesn’t realise just how much her world is going to change. The attraction she feels is instant and all-consuming but Avery isn’t that kind of girl. Not normally.

I really wanted to like this story and I did to a certain extent but there was something niggling away in the background. It is all just too fast. The relationship. The story. The plot. As much as I wanted to like Avery she is just a bit too annoying. Despite what she has been through she has no qualms in allowing Nick to do whatever he likes to her. At times it feels like the story is almost superfluous to the very hot and detailed sex scenes. And it’s a shame because Lara Adrian normally tells a really good story.

This is scheduled to be a three part story with “For 100 Nights” releasing in Winter 2016 and “For 100 Reasons” out in early 2017”.

Supplied by Net Galley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

For 100 Days: A 100 Series Novel

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