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Book Review: The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza *****

One of the books that I was most excited by earlier this year was “The Girl in the Ice” which was the debut detective novel from Robert Bryndza and the first book in the Detective Erika Foster series. While you can read The Night Stalker as a stand-alone story I thoroughly recommend that you catch up by reading book one first. You’ll get a lot more out of the back story and the main characters. Check out my review here.

It is a blisteringly hot summer in London. Erika Foster is called out to an unusual crime scene. A local doctor has been found bound and naked in his house with a plastic bag over his head. As Erika and the team start to sift through the evidence and try to work out who would want to harm the doctor a second body is found. This time a television journalist who presents a confrontational tabloid talk show in the same vein as Jeremy Kyle. There is little to link the two men other than that they are both single and in the process of separating from their wives. It is starting to look like there is a serial killer on the loose.

This is one of those books that you feel like you can’t put down, not even for a minute. The action is relentless and you are just hanging on to Erika’s coat tails for the ride. I love the fact that these books are so unpredictable and while you think that you’ve got everything sussed out there are still shocks to be had. Some chapters are from the point of view of the killer stalking the victims and these are quite chilling as the murderer starts to reveal more about themselves to the reader.

These books won’t suit everyone. Essentially they are books about death so there are some graphic descriptions of murders, crime scenes and autopsies. If you enjoy a good puzzle and some engaging and robust characters then it is time to give this series a go. You may start being a lot more careful with your home security after you’ve read it!

Supplied by Net Galley and Bookouture in exchange for an honest review.

UK Publication Date: 2 Jun 2016. 384 pages.

The Night Stalker: A chilling serial killer thriller (Detective Erika Foster Book 2)

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