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Last Kiss Blog Tour – Laurelin Paige

In 2013, Laurelin Paige self‐published her first novel. Her husband was just laid off, she had three kids, one with special needs, and they had just filed for bankruptcy so she needed this novel to work. Less than 1 year later, her debut novel, Fixed on You, was at the top of the bestseller lists and was named one of the top ten selling books of 2014 by Publishers Weekly (the only self‐published book to do so) and a Top Ten Favorite Read of 2014 by People Magazine. Her successive self‐published novels have been smash hits with readers.

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Fixed trilogy released her first print book with a major publisher in December, FIRST TOUCH. The first novel in a suspenseful and sexy duology, where a young woman’s race to find her missing friend leads her to passion and danger, hit the USA Today bestseller list and became a fan favorite. This June comes the second book in this game of cat and mouse duology, filled with dark desires and dangerous secrets. LAST KISS (St. Martin’s Griffin; June 14,2016) is the follow‐up that will tantalize and satisfy readers.

As part of the Blog tour to celebrate the actual release date I’ve reprised my review below. These two books are a perfect summer read. Sexy and dark with complex characters and a sassy strong woman at the centre of everything.

If you are reading this review and you haven’t already read the first book in this series then it’s time to back up. Stop reading this and go get a copy of First Touch right now. You need to catch up fast!

Last Kiss picks up immediately after the cliff-hanger ending of the first book. A badly beaten and drug addicted Amber has been saved from the clutches of the Greek mob by Joe the private detective. While Emily is obviously pleased to see her and to realise that (a) Amber is still alive and (b) that Reeve isn’t a killer after all, there are now conflicting emotions. Reeve loved Amber first so how will this change their relationship? Will he choose her over Emily?

As with the first book this is a highly charged erotic thriller written for a mature audience. The action is hard and fast (pun intended) so be prepared for a rollercoaster ride. There was a section in the middle that felt a little flaccid but as the book thunders towards its climax you’ll find yourself having to remember to breathe. It wasn’t the ending that I expected and that makes the story feel even stronger as a result.

Supplied by Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Last Kiss (A First and Last Novel Book 2)

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