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Book Review: The Flame Never Dies – Rachel Vincent *****

The Flame Never Dies is the second book in Rachel Vincent’s Well of Souls series. Unfortunately Rachel has already confirmed that this will only ever be a duology which is just heart breaking! What a waste of some amazing kick ass characters and the best dystopian future series I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Check out The Stars Never Rise first if you are thinking about reading this series. There will be spoilers below if you haven’t read the first book.

This installment begins about five months after the first book ends. Our band of renegades – Anathema – have survived in the Badlands by targeting Church supply convoys in transit between cities and have started to learn their own survival skills. Mellie is now seven months pregnant and Nina is dedicated to protecting her and the unborn niece or nephew. Finn is still “wearing” the body of Carter, the kidnapped guard. This has meant that he has been able to have a more normal relationship with Nina. Grayson is starting to come into her exorcist powers and much like Nina in the first book she seems to be drawing every demon in the vicinity to wherever she is.

It just occurred to me this afternoon that this feels like Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-imagined as a demon slayer who exorcises their demonic souls. It has that same element of camaraderie and the diverse bunch of unconventional pairings. It also shares a wonderful humour and lightness that similar dystopian universes simply don’t have.

Finding allies in a band of freedom fighters they begin to make their way across the Badlands to safer ground when they realise that they have attracted the attention of Kastor and the demonic city of Pandemonia. Even with this threat on the horizon it still isn’t enough to divert Nina from her most immediate issue. If the baby is born and there is no soul for it Mellie’s child won’t survive the hour. Is it time for Nina to make the ultimate sacrifice?

You know that you are in safe hands when you pick up a Rachel Vincent book. She is just so good at creating real and vibrant characters that are totally absorbing and make you feel like you are part of the action. This is a fast paced thriller with a smattering of romance but is essentially a celebration of friendship and family.

UK Publication date: 16 Aug 2016. 352 pages.

Supplied by MIRA Ink and Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

The Flame Never Dies (Well of Souls, Book 2)

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