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Book Review: The Sapphire Affair (A Jewel Novel Book 1) – Lauren Blakely ****

As you’ve probably guessed from the title this is the first part in a raunchy new adult romance duology from Lauren Blakely. You know what you are getting when you pick up one of Lauren’s books. One of our most prolific romance writers at the moment she knows how to combine a drop dead gorgeous hero with a sassy kick ass heroine and an engaging story that keeps you reading between the sexy bits!

Jake Harlowe is an unofficial bounty hunter. Tracking down things that are lost or stolen and returning them to their original owners. When he is hired by a group of disgruntled shareholders to track down their missing $10m he finds himself following the trail to the Cayman Islands. He expects it to be a quick job before he returns to Florida but everything changes when he runs into a beautiful stranger in a bar.

Steph Anderson runs a diving and adventure Sports Company and is visiting the Caymans to run a tour group. She’s arrived early to catch up with her stepdad Eli and to try to persuade him to do the decent thing and give her mother some of the money she was owed after their divorce. She has sworn off men after her last disastrous relationship almost cost her the business.

When Steph runs into Jake in a bar and gives him an impromptu darts lesson there is no escaping the attraction between the two of them. As things progress and they realise they are both hunting the same target things start to get really complicated.

This is the perfect holiday story. Set in a beautiful tropical location the heat between the two characters is great fun and it has a real story running through it that will keep you turning pages all night. Right up to the cliff hanger ending… But don’t despair as part two is released on August 16th 2016 so you can continue seamlessly on your sun lounger!

Supplied by Montlake Romance and Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

UK Publication date: 12 July 2016. 222 pages.

The Sapphire Affair (A Jewel Novel Book 1)

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