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Book Review: Omens, Visions & Deceptions (Cainsville 1-3) –Kelley Armstrong *****

With the recent launch of the fourth book in the Cainsville Series – Betrayals – it feels like the perfect time to go back and revisit Cainsville and books one through to three.
Better known for her supernatural series about werewolves (that inspired the TV series Bitten) Armstrong has come up with a great premise for a story with this world. Set just outside Chicago, Cainsville is a place of magic and mayhem. A place that doesn’t let you find it unless it wants to be found.

When heiress Olivia discovers that she was actually adopted and that her real parents were notorious serial killers her life falls apart. Her engagement to political prospect James is suddenly in doubt and Olivia doesn’t know who she is anymore. Eden Larson – a notorious figure famous for being wrenched from the arms of her parents – or well to do society fiancée Olivia Jones.

Desperate for the truth about her real parents and having strong suspicions that they were innocent of their crimes she turns to attorney Gabriel to help her uncover the true story behind their conviction and to help her discover what is behind her strong sixth sense that has already saved her life several times.

These stories are a unique blend of Celtic – particularly Welsh – folklore and a modern murder mystery. The tales of the fae and the mysterious Hunt sitting side by side with serial killers are probably aimed at a slightly more mature audience than her other books. There are some quite graphic scenes of murder and ritualistic killing as well as some sex scenes but nothing that an older teen won’t have been exposed to elsewhere. These are books that you can’t put down and that you’ll return to again and again. On my second reading I’ve noticed details that passed me by on the first outing.

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