Book Review: Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick *****

I never read celebrity biographies. NEVER. Every Christmas there is a table in my local bookstore full of the latest asinine self congratulatory books, ghost written for people that don’t really deserve to be called celebrities. Honestly I was nervous picking up Scrappy Little Nobody. Anna Kendrick is only 31 and became a household name after her role as Jessica in the Twilight movies and I did wonder whether she would have anything to say. I needn’t have worried!

If you’ve ever followed Anna Kendrick on twitter ( you’ll know what I mean. This book is much more of the same. She has the most wonderful style of writing. An easy conversational approach where she isn’t afraid to share stories that make her look geeky or silly, telling stories about food, about leaving home, about ex boyfriends, her early life in the theatre and her move to Hollywood.

Scrappy Little Nobody is the perfect book to pick up and put down because of its short essay style chapters that tell a specific story. Some of the stories had me doubled up laughing particularly the ones about her experiences on Broadway and shooting her first film. For all the humorous stories there are also some very touching and emotional moments that will have you close to tears.

A wonderful book that feels like you’ve been chatting with your best friend for a couple of evenings. Hopefully Ms. Kendrick will get another outlet for her voice again very soon.

UK Publication Date: Nov 15 2016. 304 pages.

Scrappy Little Nobody


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