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Book Review: Witness – Caroline Mitchell ****

This time last year Caroline Mitchell was still a serving police officer and preparing to spend the festive season hard at work. Specialising in working with abused and battered women that experience more than qualifies her for this story. 

Becky lives in an idyllic village in Wales. Her husband is a pillar of the local community – the vet – and they have a young daughter – Lottie. Surrounded by Sean’s family and friends she feels secure. But Becky is always looking over her shoulder and she has a deadly secret. 

Becky used to be Rebecca and she was a shy teacher living at home with her mother. As cancer was claiming her mother Rebecca met Solomon, a charismatic computer developer. Quickly he made himself indispensible and she came to rely on him when everything was falling apart. But Solomon wasn’t quite the knight in shining armour that he made out to be as Rebecca was about to find out. 

The book is split into two timelines. One in present day and one taken from extracts of Beckys journal written in 2007. 

It soon transpires that Solomon has been in prison for the last nine years. Found guilty of murdering Rebecca’s colleague Jake in a jealous rage. As the expected date for his release draws closer Becky starts to get more concerned. Solomon will want revenge and she knows that he will find her. 

Solomon is the kind of villain that would drive my husband crazy. All-seeing and all-knowing he soon has everyone under surveillance and Becky is going to pay. No-one leaves Solomon. 

Witness is a chilling account of how easy it is for a normal person to find themselves in an abusive relationship, being controlled by a physically and psychologically abusive partner. Mitchell uses all her police experience to produce a gripping and realistic tale with a sucker punch of a finale. 

Supplied by Net Galley and Thomas & Mercer in exchange for an honest review. 

U.K. Publication date: Dec 20 2016. 326 pages. 

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