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Book Review: Relativity – Antonia Hayes *****

Claire is a single mum to twelve year old Ethan. He is exceptionally gifted and seems to absorb tricky physics issues and astronomy information like his peers do with Pokemon stats. Now that he is twelve and moving into puberty he is thinking more about his Dad. All he knows is that he left when Ethan was four months old and that he feels an inner guilt about what may have caused that absence.

One day out of the blue Claire gets a letter from Mark, her ex husband. His father is dying and very much wants to meet his grandson again before he dies. Claire has a dilemma. If Mark comes back into their lives she will have to tell Ethan what happened all those years ago. Why Mark had to leave.

This is a beautiful book that is so cleverly written. The threads of physics and astronomy weaving themselves into the story and beautifully illustrating the turmoil that the family are experiencing. I loved the descriptions of Ethan being able to “see Physics” and it makes it so much easier for a non scientist to be able to understand.

There are some very difficult issues at play in this story, not least the issue of Shaken Baby Syndrome which has seen some heartbreaking real life legal battles, but it is all dealt with in such a sympathetic way that although your heart may be breaking you will still have a smile on your face.

Supplied by Net Galley and Corsair in exchange for an honest review.

UK Publication Date: Jan 19 2017. 368 Pages


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