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Book Review: The Cows – Dawn O’Porter *****

I don’t know why I haven’t picked up any of Dawn O’Porter’s earlier books because this one had me laughing out loud on a packed commuter train. The Cows is a take on modern life in London in this internet connected age. It runs the full gamut of emotions from suicidal despair to hope and joy.

Tara has a six year old daughter from a one night stand but now she is looking for someone special to share her life with and the guys she sees on Tinder are particularly uninspiring. When she finds herself on a date with a guy she actually likes she thinks that her luck could be changing.

Stella is in dire straits. She’s lost her Mum and her twin sister to cancer and knows that she has an 85% chance of contracting it herself. When she is medically advised to have her ovaries and her breasts removed she has a dilemma. She REALLY wants a baby but things with her boyfriend are a bit strained. This can’t end well.

Cam is the fourth girl in her family and has always fought to carve her own path. Keen to seek out solitude and independence she has got her mother dropping unsubtle hints about husbands and grandchildren while she continues her popular blog about her feelings and sex life. Always outspoken she finds herself becoming a voice for women who don’t want children – unleashing a whole heap of crazies who condemn her and her choices.

When a bizarre and entirely unexpected event connects these three very different women, life changes for all of them. This isn’t a book that will appeal to everyone. There are graphic descriptions of sex and sexual acts as well as ongoing commentary about promiscuity and family life. In short it has pretty adult content and deals with some fairly full on themes. The strength of this book comes from the women themselves. The main characters are just wonderful and leap off the page. In this age of cyber bullying, victim shaming and hiding behind avatars and digital profiles this feels like a very real story and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Supplied by Net Galley and Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review.

UK Publication date: Apr 5 2017. 464 pages.

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