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Opinion: Are people who read books nicer?

I came across an interesting article in the Mail and Independent newspapers today. A study done by Kingston University asserts that people who read books are more likely to act in a socially acceptable manner compared to those who preferred watching television. Specifically people that read fiction.

Why do we think that would be the case? Reading is a pretty singular activity but the content of what you are reading could be just as violent or graphic as anything that you might see on television. So the “niceness” isn’t necessarily content related.

Perhaps it is because reading is personal and is done in isolation. When you finish reading it is your choice whether you want to interact with other people or not. There is speculation that those who are more widely read gain experience of situations and events that TV watchers do not. When reading you are more invested in the content than casually watching the TV.

What do you think? Nicer or not…

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Prolific reader, enthusiastic theatre and movie-goer and ex-Olivier Awards judge who spent twenty years working in the music industry in London. Sharing my house with a gorgeous cockapoo called Harry who has taken over completely.
I love sharing my favourite books with friends - nearly always spoiler-free as I hate reading a synopsis of the whole book in other reviews.


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  1. I think it’s because if you read fiction it means you like to are prepared to immerse yourself in the world of other characters, embrace other cultures, places, etc. That empathy can manifest itself in real life.


    1. Hey Cathy. That’s a very valid point. It’s so much easier to immerse yourself like that within the covers of a book. I rarely find a TV programme that will affect me as much as a book.

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