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Book Review: Scared to Death – Kate Medina ****

Scared to Death is the second book in Medina’s Jessie Flynn series. Psychologist Jessie is a complicated character with a dark and disturbing past. Unusually she works closely with the British Army and all of her cases have links to serving troops.

Just returned from a tour of duty in Syria and Iraq, Jessie is asked to talk to a young recruit called Ryan Jones. A senior officer has concerns about his mental well being so has invited Jessie in for a psychological assessment.

Local policeman DI Bobby Simmons is called to the local hospital after a toddler has been abandoned at the A&E department. His father Malcolm is severely depressed after his other son Danny committed suicide while serving in the army.

Captain Ben Callan is called to a suspicious death at the local base. A young recruit has been found dead in the grounds and as part of the military police Callan has to investigate whether this is murder or suicide.

As the three investigations progress it becomes clear that they are all linked and Jessie soon finds herself in mortal danger.

Scared to Death gives us a closer look at Jessie’s past. We learn more about what happened to her after the suicide of her brother and get a better understanding of the vitriol she feels towards her father. This theme runs through the case studies in this story. Ryan, Danny and Stephen Foster are all in the positions that they found themselves in because of the lack of a strong and supportive father figure.

It is the exposition of Jessie that really makes this story. Her continuing issues of guilt that fuel her acute OCD are fascinating and she is such an interesting and unusual lead character.

Supplied by Net Galley and Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review.

UK publication Date: May 4 2017. 327 pages.

Scared to Death (A Jessie Flynn Crime Thriller, Book 2)

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