Book Review: Liar – K L Slater ***

Liar is the third psychological thriller from Kim Slater. I found it a little harder to connect with the characters in this one and I’m not entirely sure why.

Ben is a single father looking after his two young sons after the death of their mother. He has had a lot of help from his mother Judi and she has doted on her young grandsons.

When Ben meets Amber and they become close a lot of things start to change. Judi is no longer needed to help with child minding or cleaning. She loses her purpose in life and combined with the menopausal changes she is experiencing it deeply unsettles her.

The story is narrated by both Judi and Amber. We soon realise that Amber doesn’t love Ben but has inveigled her way into the family in order to exact revenge. It isn’t obvious what her links to the family are from and the unexpected denouement at the end feels a little contrived in light of what has preceded it.

That said it is still a good story and a good read by the pool on your summer holidays this year. It just wasn’t quite up to the high standards of Ms Slater’s other two books.

Supplied by Bookouture and Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

UK Publication date: June 16 2017. 324 pages.


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