Book Review: Hunting Lila – Sarah Alderson *****

When Hunting Lila was first published in 2011 Sarah Alderson was an unknown writer trying to pay the bills in Bali. Now she is a screenwriter and successful author living in California and Hunting Lila is heading for the big screen this year.

Lila is seventeen and there are two things that she would prefer if people didn’t know. The first is that she can move objects with her mind and the second is that she is head over heels in love with her brother’s best friend, Alex. He has been a constant in their lives for years and Lila knows that it isn’t just an infatuation. When she is mugged on the street in London her X Men like ability is exposed and she finds herself running off to California to her brother Jack. Jack and Alex are both in a special forces unit of the marines and she knows that she will be safe with them.

Lila herself can be quite an annoying character at times, selfish and headstrong with an instinct for running straight into danger. Despite that I really enjoyed this story. The relationship between her and her brother Jack was an easy and close friendship. There was also real chemistry between her and Alex and he may well be a favoured book boyfriend of many a teenager going forward!

It’s a really cleverly constructed thriller with believable, well crafted characters and a leading man to die for! Lila becomes a sassy leading lady and the developing relationship between her and her brother’s best friend Alex doesn’t slow down the fast paced plot at all. The Paranormal Romance genre is getting kind of crowded these days but Sarah Alderson beats the rest hands down!

UK Publication Date: Aug 4 2011. 320 pages.


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