Book Review: The Mystery of Three Quarters – Sophie Hannah ****

During my younger years I read every Agatha Christie mystery that I could get my hands on. They were readily available in the small convent school library and evoked less critical response from my parents than the Stephen King and Harold Robbins books that I had also discovered around that time! Poirot was probably my least favourite of her detective characters. The cranky old Belgian with his OCD tendencies had little for a teenage me to connect with.

The Mystery of Three Quarters sees author Sophie Hannah picking up the reins with Poirot and creating a new puzzle for him to solve. It is quite the revelation. A Poirot who is a little less prickly! Or maybe the older me has just developed an understanding of why he is quite so pernickety! When a number of seemingly unconnected people all receive a letter purporting to be from Poirot and accusing them of the murder of Benjamin Pandy Hercule just has to find out what is going on – to get the little grey cells going. The unravelling of the threads of the story have you bouncing between all of the major characters convinced that they are the guilty party.

It is always going to be controversial when you write for such a well known character but The Mystery of Three Quarters is a worthy addition to the Agatha Christie canon. If you’re looking for something a bit more genteel with your murder mystery then look no further.

Supplied by Net Galley and Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review.

UK Publication Date: Aug 23 2018. 400 pages.


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