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Book Review: The Eyes of Darkness – Dean Koontz ***

Originally published in the 1980s under a pen name there has been a lot of talk about The Eyes of Darkness – the book that predicted Covid 19. And while there is an element of truth in that you can’t trust the current Kindle version of the book. The original paperback book had a Russian Scientist “by the name of Ilya Poparapov who defected to the United States carrying a microfilm file of the Soviets most important and dangerous biological weapon in a decade The Russians called the stuff Gorki 400.’ In the latest version of the book said scientist is now Li Chen and the virus is Wuhan 400. Its a little distasteful rewriting elements in your book to make it fit the current pandemic, the largest global loss of life in centuries.

Ignoring all this and all of the hype around it, The Eyes of Darkness isn’t a bad story. It doesn’t have the depth and complexity of more recent Dean Koontz but it does have quite an engaging storyline. Tina Evans lost her twelve year old son Danny in a tragic accident a year ago. Throwing herself into her work has kept her going over the last months but after a series of frightening nightmares she’s starting to get twitchy. Deciding that it is finally time to start clearing out Danny’s room the blackboard standing in the room has a stark message – NOT DEAD.

As Tina begins her search to find out what has really happened to Danny it becomes very obvious that there are people that will stop at nothing to keep her quiet and to stop the truth becoming known. It is quite a quick read despite its 388 pages as it does grip you and make you want to keep reading. Part paranormal story and part thriller its an entertaining way to pass some of the extra time at home at the moment. Just don’t believe everything you read on your kindle!

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