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Book Review: The Apartment – K L Slater ***

Freya Miller is at the end of her tether. After her husband’s affair and his sudden death she is about to lose her house. If it was just her she could cope sofa surfing with friends but there is her five year old daughter Skye to consider. Losing her Dad has been bad enough and now they are about to lose everything else.

A chance meeting in a coffee shop in Kensington sees Freya chatting with the distinguished Dr Marsden. In a bizarre coincidence he is putting up an advert for a very affordable apartment in a particularly unaffordable part of West London. Adder House sounds like an amazing opportunity and Freya really isn’t in a position to turn it down. The affable Dr Marsden won’t take no for an answer and even pays their removal costs to help them move in.

Adder House isn’t what it seems and soon Freya is starting to feel uneasy. She feels like she is being watched and things in the apartment are misplaced. There are strange sounds that she can’t account for and unfamiliar smells. It starts to feel like she has made a huge mistake. As Freya begins to realise that she needs to get out while she still can has she left it too late? Will she end up like the previous tenant…?

The Apartment is an interesting take on a fairly common theme. Its a very readable thriller with a few twists and turns. I hadn’t worked out who had been targeting them so it was a surprising end for me.

UK Publication Date: Apr 28 2020. 266 pages

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I love sharing my favourite books with friends - nearly always spoiler-free as I hate reading a synopsis of the whole book in other reviews.


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