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Book Review: My Husband’s Wife –Amanda Prowse ***

Rosie Tipcott has lived in the seaside town of Woolacombe her entire life. She has thought about travelling and leaving her roots but never found a good enough reason to carry it out. She’s happy enough in her little cottage with husband Phil and their two little daughters Leona and Naomi. The only thing that could make her life even more perfect would be the addition of a little boy.

When her latest pregnancy test still says negative Rosie is upset and can’t understand why Phil seems almost relieved. As several weeks pass by Rosie starts to notice some changes in her husband. He’s moody and grouchy with her and the girls and after a new hair style and a sharper look he has some news to break. Phil has fallen in love with his client Geraldine Farmer and is leaving her and the kids.  

Rosie’s mother Laurel had abandoned her and her father when Rosie was just hours old and all of her abandonment issues raise their weary heads. Never having had much of a family of her own she has always been keen to be enfolded in the bosom of the Tipcott family. The only place that she felt that she truly belonged.

Amanda Prowse has written a strong and relatable story and women that we feel that we all know. She injects a wonderful sense of humanity into her novels that touch people on a number of levels.

Supplied by Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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